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Post Road Trip Standing Poop Full of Food

6:14 minutes long.

I have been on a road trip for the last couple days and there's no way I was going to use one of those awful roadside bathrooms when instead, I could hold in all those yummy roadtrip snacks for my toilet at home!

I ate apples, mandarins, plums, bananas and OF COURSE lots of blueberries! The glossy, dark colour of the soft part of my poop was definitely influenced by the blueberries! I also had jerky, protein bars, hot dogs and greasy cheeseburgers that made the firm, multi-coloured part of my poop.

Enjoying watching me stand up and push out the long logs and let them fall, followed by softer poop that crackles and splatters loudly. The splatter hits my feet AND the wall! I give you a nice close up of the poop but also of my dirty ass as I wipe as much as I can.

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