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What do I need to get started?

You will need photo ID showing your date of birth, 5 clips and somewhere to receive payments at the end of the month. It's free to start a scat clip store.

Outside of this site, I have a general resource document for scat models since it's a bit different than other fetishes!

What can I post? What can I not post?

This site is for uploading scat and other toilet fetish videos - that means pooping, playing with poop, farting and even pee play are all welcome and encouraged. Poop and Scat fetish clips are the main things but you are welcome to upload just farting/pissing as well.

The clips have to be you though! Any other people in the clips, like a partner, will also have to provide us with their ID to keep everything legal and consensual.

What content is not allowed?

No underage content - All content must involve only people over the age of 18
No blood - No real, animated, fake blood (including, unfortunately, visible menstruation) This is a dumb rule and as a woman I hate it, but it is required by the payment processor.
No permanent damage/violence - No actions causing serious injuries like scars, broken limbs, any burns, extreme fisting etc.
No Necro/Horror/Snuff/Unconsciousness - No clips/pictures implying that one of the actors is dead or unconscious
No weapons - No knifes, guns, etc., neither real nor toy weapons
No animal/bug crushing - Neither already dead, nor alive
No rape - Neither staged, nor real non-consensual sex
No videos made under the influence - No videos featuring illegal drugs or made while intoxicated under the influence of drugs or alcohol

For a list of specific terms banned by the payment processor, please refer to the "Rules" tab under "My Store"

Who owns this site?

Me! CassieScat. I'm a Canadian scat model in my 20s who wanted there to be more, better sites for me to use. So I made some! I have help and joint ownership with 2 software people who also do work on other fetish sites. Any similarities you see in the layout of this site to others is because they have probably worked on those projects too!

How much will I be paid?

You will be paid 70% of your clip sales and 80% of any tips your fans leave you. VAT and other taxes will be passed along to the customers instead of you, and payout fees depend on the country and payout method but we are constantly working to make them as low as possible. Some countries and methods already have no fees!

When will I be paid?

There is a 100 USD minimum to be paid out, otherwise the total will be carried over to the next pay period. Models are paid monthly and the payouts are sent as soon as possible, before or on the 10th of the month. Sometimes bank holidays in your country will delay the payout getting to your account but it will be sent on time.

What do the categories mean?

EFRO sensual, erotic or seductive shitting
Smearing must be more than dirty hands/asshole
Enema enema preparation and/or expulsion
Pantypoop pooping in panties or clothes
Farting at least 3 farts + emphasis on farting
Toilet Slavery video includes a toilet slave or is toilet slave POV
Eating the model eating poop
Anal Play anal penetration, eating ass
Pissing emphasis on pissing, not incidental
Scat Sex scat blowjob or handjob, dirty anal or vaginal sex, etc
Inside Toilet POV shot from the inside of a toilet or under a toilet seat
Diarrhea very mushy or liquid shits
Constipation hard poops that require straining and more time to pass
Desperation urgency, 'accidents', holding, begging etc
Scat Masturbation masturbation with scat on genitals
Food/Baking making food or drink with scat/piss
Toilet Pooping pooping in the toilet
Instructions explicit directions and encouragement for the viewer
Prolapse a prolapsed asshole
Dine + Dump eating or drinking and the poop results
Transgender clips featuring our transgender models
Public + Outdoors videos filmed in public places or in nature
Tasting Model tastes the poop but does not swallow any
Foot Fetish feet or shoes play a significant role in the video
Partners/Slaves videos with 2 or more people participating

Can I keep my identity private?

Yes! You do not, and probably should not, share your real name or personal information with customers or the general public. All necessary information to sign up is only to make sure you are not underage or selling someone else's videos and these things are kept secure and private. You do not even need to show your face! Many models use masks, wigs or other ways of maintaining privacy and boundaries. I personally only show my face from the nose down and I have been happy with this so far!

If your identity is ever compromised in your personal life, please reach out to me (Cassie) at my support email and I will help however I can, taking your content and information off the site temporarily while you sort things out, or permanently if necessary.

This site is a resource to make being a scat model easier, not an obligation. Your comfort and happiness comes first!

How will purchases from appear on my customer's billing statement?

On the credit card or bank statement of a customer buying a clip or tipping a model, the product will appear as "". Discretion is very important here of course! Inet-cash is a payment processor and is a financial business with no relation to scat or pornography in general. Their website is so boring it'll drive anyone away quickly! :)

Can I report one of my clips being pirated?

Yes! Even if the clip was not necessarily bought through FemScat, if it's content you have posted here, then I can submit a takedown request on your behalf. Some websites don't respond to these requests unfortunately but in this case, I will submit to Google so that the page with your content will not show up in google search results at least.

You can submit links to content you want removed using This Form.

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