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Become My Slave

Shit Chef Application

2023-07-08 12_48_01.png

This is an in-person slave job so you will need to live in the Greater Toronto Area in Canada and be able and willing to meet up.

I need a slave to be my Shit Chef. I will provide the ingredients - my chocolate and champagne - and you will be the baker.

We will meet up in downtown and I will give you ingredients and you will take them home and create delicious treats like brownies, banana bread and lemon bars. You'll package them up and freeze them for my use later.

When you bake with my shit, your home will be filled with the smell of it for hours and it will be like we are running a little kinky fantasy bakery together :)

Compensation can come in the form of keeping some treats and leftovers, covered expenses for the baking or just the attention of a goddess like myself.

Fill out the application to see if you are the right sub for this!

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