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Session Rules

Please read the following session rules to make sure you are ready to apply!

  1. 18+ Leave this site if not.

  2. Act like a normal person! If you have a 'slave' mode to get into, wait until the actual session

  3. Session costs begin at $500 USD (max 1 hr at the lowest price)

  4. I do not travel. I am in Chicago, Illinois USA, no exceptions

  5. Must speak English fluently. Communication is vital for this type of thing.

  6. No touching unless I decide during the session

  7. No illegal activities during the session

  8. No drugs, up to one drink of alcohol allowed

  9. Sessions are done at professional rented rooms which require photo ID for safety. You can block your address from me for privacy if you'd like.

  10. Meet somewhere in public first, then money, then the session

  11. If you feel a desire to tell me you are in the military or a cop, please refrain

  12. No raceplay or doms

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