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Yellow Leotard, Smearing + Frantic Masturbation

14 minutes long.

It may not be beach season yet, but a good vacation in my sunny yellow bathing suit will help beat away the winter blues! I'm wearing it in the bathroom while painting my toenails bright red and reminiscing about all the fun times I've had in this yellow swimsuit. It's thinned out a little over time so you can really see my nipples through the fabric, and I've gained some winter pounds so my ass is swallowing the high cut back whole! Oh, well. It looks hotter that way!

Suddenly, I start shitting. I don't notice immediately but once I do, I can't stop! It feels so good! Fuck the beach, the warm squishy, stinky poop is so much more orgasmic. I fill up the suit and it oozes everywhere and gets very messy.

I keep the suit on while I masturbate and smear onto the yellow. Everything gets messier and then I take it off and pick up a HUGE, THICK turd that cameout. It's so hard that i can use it to press and stimulate on my lubricated asshole and pussy. It feels amazing! The shit caked all over me makes everything a million times better. What a great mess!

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