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Welcome LadyToes to CassieScatStore!

Mistress Krista is a dominatrix who enjoys having both men and women beneath her. Whether it's using them as her furniture, using their tongues to clean her body, or pressing her foot down their throats she finds herself amused with their servitude and longing to be near her. She is known for her perfect feet and toes, her pretty face and her ample tits and ass.

She has a special place in her demanding heart for her toilet subs too. Using your mouth to "flush" her golden Goddess nectar or swallow her delicious Goddess chocolate is something that please her very much. After all she took the time to eat that food and her body went through the process of breaking it down and reassembling it so that you, her toilet subs, could have something to eat as well. 

Mistress Krista started her journey into the scat world by selling dirty panties and socks. Eventually a toilet sub approached and requested her chocolate, and a whole entire universe of dirty pleasure opened up. Now she thoroughly enjoys selling and making chocolate for her toilet subs.

Cassie receives all messages sent on and will be passing along any messages meant for Krista if you send them by accident. You can see more of her on her Twitter as @LadyToes2 and you can follow her


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