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Truth or Dare Tasting My Own Poop: Cassie's FIRST TIME TASTING

23:04 minutes long.

This is my first time ever tasting it! I'm very excited and can't wait to see the reaction from you guys :) I'd be happy to make other videos with tasting, licking maybe some chewing and small swallows, who knows!

In this clip you are in the POV of my neighbour. I've been ditched by my friend and now I'm bored on a Friday night so you bring over and dinner and we decide to play truth or dare since I'm feeling flirty. We start slow but progress to me farting in your mouth, then making you drink my piss and then you make me poop in front of you and lick one of my turds!

This is a long, sensual and flirty clip meant to immerse you in the experience of this wild truth or dare game. By the end I dare you to jerk off since you're clearly hard as a rock and you get to explode while I . count you down and lick and taste and swallow my brown spit.

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