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Toilet Slave Eating Encouragement and Instruction

32:34 minutes long.

I’m here to help beginners and those who are looking to push themselves to the next level of eating! All my new toilet slaves and those looking to improve serving as a toilet for their mistress Cassiescat will be able to watch and listen to me give instructions and encourage you to eat all you can handle.

I’m in a cute outfit and I instruct you to smell, taste, chew and swallow. Lick, suck and fully appreciate your meal! I give you rewards and distractions as I show my tits and mime the actions for you to follow. I instruct in a kind, sensual way – but stern. You are a toilet and while I'm forgiving of my new slaves, you are still absolutely required to follow along and eat my waste.

This video includes the totally optional orally taken help, which I never use myself or need - but some toilets might use. I give jerk off instruction ending in you finishing your chocolate treat and a cum countdown <3

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