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Teasing + Seductively Turtling Turds Then Releasing into Toilet

8:21 minutes long.

I really have to shit but I'm teasing you and flashing you my cute as in my skirt. I show off my asshole up-close and pulse it then push just a bit of poop out and then suck it back in a few times (called groundhogging or turtling) until I eventually get my asshole nice and messy and a little turd is stuck on it.

I wiggle, jiggle and twerk my ass over the toilet to try to dislodge the little stuck turd and it finally plops in! Then I climb up onto the toilet, squatting with my ass out, pointed right at you so you can see the turds slowly stretching me and sliding out while also hearing them plop into the water! You can see my feet nicely hear, and my dirty holes, but you can see them even better when I get into doggy position on the floor to show them off. I do one big messy wipe then finish off by showing the poop in the toilet and the flush, leaving skid marks.

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