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Swamp Ass Workout + Dirty Crack from Pooping!

11 minutes long.

I'm in my workout gear - a sports bra and some very revealing high-waisted shorts. I started with an ab workout off camera but I feel bloated and it's never good to work out like that. It proves true that I'm a little constipated and yeah can watch my core muscles and asshole strain on the toilet as I push out turds little by little, getting my asshole quite dirty.

When I finally finish all my pushing and have gotten every last bit out, I'm eager to get back to my exercise so I wipe once, unknowingly smearing the shit up my crack and across my cheek instead of cleaning it up. I pull up my panties and shorts.

Watch my ass jiggle and flex as I do various exercises, knowing that the wedgie created by my shorts is getting sweaty skid marks all over the panties. As I step into the shower, I notice the smelly skids and know I have to clean the panties :( Oh well!

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