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Succubus Feeds you Her Piss + Shit

7:30 minutes long.

It's 3am and you're still mostly asleep but you feel strange. The mattress underneath you isn't there, it feels like cold tile instead. You aren't in the bedroom but how did you get here? You're so tired...

Suddenly a figure appears in front of you in the dark, you're scared and can't see very well. You can't move though! Is this sleep paralysis? A nightmare? When the lights flick on, you see a woman. No, not a woman...some kind of demon!

This succubus controls you to keep your body still and she digs through your mind using her powers to find your sexual desires. She fulfills these desires for you - first facesitting, then pissing in your mouth and making you drink it. She digs even deeper into your subconscious mind and finds you have a dirtier since and so she poops into your mouth as well. And then...she disappears.

She tells you it's morning and disappears. Was it real? The taste in your mouth makes you think so.

This video is shot POV style and the piss and shit goes right up close to the camera so you can see every single, delicious detail coming from my pussy to my tight puckered asshole.

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