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Stinky Farts, Stinkier Poop, Stinkiest Asshole Left Dirty!

3:01 minutes long.

'Beef Stew' is a euphemism for farts for a reason! These farts after eating homemade bean and oxtail stew are so strong and stinky! And they smell exactly the same as the stew when I ate it LOL I fart a ton, and clearly these are prepoo farts given the stink. Finally I hop on the toilet and release a nice chunky shit into the bowl, my pussy getting so creamy from the pleasurable stretching and release that I drip cream into the bowl as well! Mmmm, nothing is more satisfying that a good poop! Afterwards I'm still pretty gassy, and it smells even worse given there are still brown spots on my dirty asshole from poor wiping! Someone has to clean me up, licking my asshole for a proper deep clean and sucking in the farts ;)

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