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Social Distancing: Cassie is Her OWN Toilet Slave

10:42 minutes long.

11 Days into quarantine and I'm finally horny again. I really thought being cooped up in uncertain times would be kinda a horny experience but it turns out not! Either way I was feeling a little more well today and QUITE horny so I took the feeling as far as I could.

My second video since officially being sick and my first dump since leaving Chicago that I could hold the way I usually do - 3 days! Felt good to do it like that again. We're all trying to get back to our routines right?

In these wild times, sometimes a girl has to be her own source of entertainment! And with no slaves or eaters or anyone else to ship to, I gotta do the heavy lifting myself ;) That means releasing my 3-days hold into my own hand and licking the fresh log as a warm up to some more ATM action.

Then, while rubbing my clit I begin pushing out the second half of my huge load while finger fucking my mouth with my brown fingers.

Finally I'm super horny and wet so I use my clean hand to grind against and use my dirty fingers to fuck my asshole and cum. It feels amazing to let loose like this!!

Hope everyone is safe and can get their horny back! If you guys even ever lost it ;P

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