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Shit Brownies for our Picnic <3 Eating Demo!

12:28 minutes long.

I want us to have a little picnic - Ill make myself a little chocolate brownie mugcake and I'll make you a special version ;)

I should off mixing the ingredients, a big load of my poop with chocolate, spit and even piss as I realized the batter should be more liquid and life my white dress! The smell is so yummy and it cooks up perfect. I love eating some mug cake while the strong smell of cooked shit is in the air. It effects the taste in a lovely way!

While you're eating with me I wiggle my bare feet around playfully and chew loudly to show you how I want you to eat and swallow. Chew Chew Chew and Swallow my special chocolate treat!

New year's resolution! If you cut out al desserts except my special chocolate, Ill eat my first chocolate brownie this year! I've practiced my recipe on you so many time that I want a taste!

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