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Romantically Helping Your Constipated Wife Poo + Wipe

20 minutes long.

I've come home from work very excited it's Friday. I flop onto the bed still in my work clothes and high heels while I complain that I've been so stressed that I've been constipated all week.

I start to rub my sore ass cheeks over my tight skirt slowly and sensually, eventually asking you to help and move under my panties. I want to go to the toilet and have you watch and encourage me while I try to poo.

I sit on the toilet while you hold my hand and I tell you how good it feels and how much I love you. I push out some logs while groaning and straining and then I ask you to use your gentle touch to slowly and softly wipe me. Everything is so sore but you are very sensual and I moan as you rub between my cheeks.

I flush once we are done, give you a kiss and then zip my skirt back up and leave.

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