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Raw Garlic Remedy: Toxic Farts + Desperate Poops!

14 minutes long.

I've got an unfortunate case of the coronavirus but don't worry I am young, generally healthy and well taken care of! I've been eating a ton of raw garlic as traditional medicine and I have to say: it's horrible!

The garlic is swallowed raw in large quantities so as my body works to process it, I'm filled up with garlicky gas! I show you a very stinky, farty night with loud, natural and extremely pungent stinky farts. The next morning I eat some yogurt and tea and try to walk for a bit to keep up my lung strength - unfortunately the yogurt and tea has made me need to poop!

Watch me strip out of my sneakers and clothes so I can poop on the toilet. I show you the wiping and a peek in the bowl afterwards. Then I end up back on the toilet not long after for a second poop! This one smells even more like garlic!

When will I escape the stench of raw garlic? Every burp and fart reminds me!

Give this video a buy and wish me well! The sooner I am recovered, the sooner I'll be donating my plasma to help treat all you who get sick next with my powerful antibodies :D

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