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Pooping EVERYWHERE + Wiping with Your Shirts!

10 minutes long.

It's my day off and my awful bastard of a husband has left the house a mess and left instructions for me to clean it! It's my day off! I'm so pissed off that I decide to take a little laxative pill and enact my revenge.

I proceed to poop into the bathtub and the sink. I also go right in the middle of the floor using a toilet chair. The bath and sink even have some water in them so there's a nice plopping splash sound and the water gets dirty and makes the whole tub and sink poopy! I'm leaving these turds right where they are for you to clean.

PLUS, I take your 3 favourite shirts that I HATE. A douche-y trio of a sports shirt, a science conference shirt and a john deer shirt. Your fashion is as bad as the rest of you. I use these shirts to wipe and leave them by my turds for you to see what I did.

To finish off my revenge, I write a note explaining that I'm taking your credit card and spending the day at the spa and expect you to have cleaned everything up by the time I return!

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