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Period Pooping - Constipation, Farting, Cramps + Runny Desperation

29:33 minutes long.

Cassie knows all about how her period affects her poops and she's telling all. The pre-period bloating, farting and constipation where her poor asshole gets sore and tender from the pushing. Then, when the cramps start up and the contracting uterus makes her bowels move and gives her constant desperation and makes her poop out mushy, stinky loads multiple times a day.

There are lots of close-ups of her asshole pulsing in both constipation and in 'dry heave' types of waves during cramps that make her feel like diarrhea can happen at any moment, even if she just went! Periods are so annoying, there's no relief, just gas and bloating and sore assholes and squatting on toilet seats trying to keep clean!

Tampons are included in the clip but there is no blood, fake or real.

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