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No Public Toilet Available? I'll Shit in the Van!

8 minutes long.

How hard is it to find a public toilet during a roadtrip? Well you could ask Cassie that question... I think she would say it's a pain in the ass. She can't seem to find toilets as they are all reserved for employees only during the pandemic, but she needs to go, like right now! And there's still hours of driving to go.

So she decides to do it in the back of her van, yeah that's right. You'll see her ''try'' and I really mean TRY to pee into a bottle while she's having an eye contact with a complete stranger outside of the van, hoping the window is high enough that he can't see her from the waist down. What a huge mess of piss!

She's not done though as she needs to go for a number 2. She then proceeds in backwards squatting position so you can clearly see her butthole open as her turds fall from it. Finally she wipes her asshole and shows you the messy, stained toilet paper. Oh and by the way, if you like pre-poop farts, you will be pleased with that video as she's really gassy, real natural farts! She's been holding them in out of politeness in the small, contained cab of the van.

Next time you move, maybe you will rent the same uhaul full of her farts and with her pee stains on the rubber mats!

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