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Mean Mommy Fills Diaper and Torments Sissy Boi

15:07 minutes long.

You're just a little sissy boi taking a nap in your diaper when your mean mommy decides she wants to torment you. You're always making a mess and taking up all her time! She removes your diaper and puts it on herself. She pees in the puffy fabric and it crinkles. She continues to fill it up with a big stinky poop too! You can see the diaper get heavy as it pushes out.

She then sits and squishes the poop around making it extra messy before taking it off (revealing her dirty smeared poopy butt cheeks!) and puts you in the dirty diaper. Then she wakes you up and is furious that you pooped your diaper while napping! Your butt is all dirty and even though mean mommy changes you, she doesn't clean you up - in fact she makes you messier, smearing you with the diaper and leaving it on your face while you're restrained to the changing table.

You should reflect on how naughty you've been sissy boi! Lie in your stinky filth and no touching your little baby-sized cock! This is why I have to restrain you, you can't be trusted to behave!

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