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Lazy Girl Casually Poops + Pees While Getting Ready

6 minutes long.

UGH I'm in such a rush to get ready to go out and I'm so lazy. I haven't changed my panties for days but I also haven't done laundry and they're my last pair. I sniff them to see if I can go another day but they smell so strongly of my pussy that I go commando instead. I just put them on the floor because I'm being a slob anyways.

I frantically apply blush and lipstick and while I'm doing so, I push out a smooth, thick turd without even mentioning it. When looking for my perfume, I bend over and you can see I haven't bothered to wipe either.

Later I try on a couple shirts and while I'm doing so, I take a huge piss and let out a couple more turds while standing. No problem! I'm going to be late so I don't bother dealing with it.

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