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Happy Site Launch Day!

Today I am officially launching

TLDR: Buy clips or sell clips on the site, tell your fav models about it

Let's just say it, I want to fill the hole that ScatShop left with their corrupt ownership that abuses the fact that there aren't good alternatives.

From the model/seller end, scat is a really tricky niche to be into. Payment Processors won't touch it, regular clip sites won't touch it and there's basically no resources out there for getting started.

Scatbook offers a subscription model, YezzClips has poor payout percentages and ScatShop has all it's drama and theft.

I wanted to make something that would be as good for models as possible and that means taking criticism and suggestions and questions and ideas from the community.

Here's what I've improved on already:

  • 70% payout. I likely won't see money from this for a WHILE other than my own clips. This is a passion project truly. 80% on tips!

  • Encouragement of models sharing + linking their other platforms. Site exclusivity is not smart for models to do, it's SO risky, look at what happened with Onlyfans and Pornhub!

  • Advertisement for models on Twitter and Reddit - I'm gonna be working my ass of doing this LOL

  • Individual stores for models to control their own content and view their sales statistics

  • Ability for customers to buy without signing up for shy/cautious customers

  • Focus on independent creators NOT studios. Studio porn really is a separate thing in my eyes

  • Human moderation - I'm checking everything before it's live so no categories are being spammed and no porn is being stolen. I read + reply to all the emails and support tickets myself

  • It's all legal. I'm meticulously following rules on all fronts so the site won't go dark randomly one day

Here's my plans for the future:

  • Offer messaging with models

  • Best possible payout minimums and fees - currently I will update model's accounts individually based on their country to lower or remove their minimum payouts and fees where possible but there's so many factors so I will have to see what's possible and for who as I go

    • Currently no fees for Canadian and American models or models paying out by SEPA!

  • Integrate model twitter accounts more fully (tweets for new videos already automatically @ model's twitter but it'd be cool to offer posting from their own account too)

  • More fully integrate Reddit, like share buttons for videos. Reddit's scat community rocks.

  • Ability for models to offer sales and deals

And also thank you everyone for supporting my delusions of grandeur about changing the industry and making things better and safer and 'more legit'. I seriously would not have done it without you cheering me on.

xoxo CassieScat


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