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Happy Birthday: CRAZY Long Turds POV on Your Face

8:40 minutes long.

Happy Birthday sweetheart~

We just got back from a nice date and I tell you I have one more surprise, making it clear through my tone that it's going to be something sexy. I lead you into the bathroom surprisingly and strip off my dress.

I make you lie down and close your eyes while I hover my asshole and pussy an inch from your face. I peel off my thong and put the creamy grool gusset near your nose as I make you smell and guess. Finally after lots of teasing I push out a HUGE SUPER LONG turd right over your face all while singing happy birthday :D

Turns out I found out your fetish and was happy to indulge you! I wipe with my panties and drop them on you as I push my very dirty asshole over your mouth and nose and tease you some more. Clean me up, birthday boy!

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