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Girlfriend Farts + Poops Mexican Food on a Dare!

10:46 minutes long.

I'm your girlfriend and I want to play a fun game tonight! We're staying in and eating lots of delicious mexican food and I'm feeling really giggling and feisty. You dare me to fart and I think you're funny but it's not problem since the food has made me very gassy. I lift up my skirt and rip one. Now I make you admit whether you got mexican food on purpose so I would fart! You don't admit to it though. Next turn you want me to fart AGAIN saying you don't believe the first one was real. This time I show you my bum so you are sure. I think you just wanted to peek under my skirt though you little pervert! ;) After I use the game to get you to admit you like seeing me fart, you smoothly reply that it's because you love me so much. This is so romantic that I suggest that I poop out all the Mexican Food dinner and you come with me to watch and smell the results! I wipe and flush and fart one final time in your face!

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