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First Time Enema: Exploding Huge Pile of Turds + Liquid

Over 1 hour long.

Like in my colonoscopy, I play a nervous girl in the gynecology ward who has bad period cramps and needs to prep for a procedure. This time my rectum needs a good professional cleanse!

You are my doctor who walks me through everything from waking me up to explaining the procedure to more intimate things like removing my tampon, squeezing the fleet enema into my asshole and wiping me afterwards. You also have to listen to my nervousness, embarrassment and complaints!

I hold the enema in for the longest 20 minutes of my life while I squirm and try not to leak! Then I explode into the container in the toilet! The pile of turds and liquid that rushes out is so much in quantity that it forms a pile that touches my ass while I take on the remaining smaller waves.

I really enjoyed my first fleet enema! I will be doing another soon I think since it came in a 2 pack :D

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