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Enema, Laxatives + Masturbation to Relieve BIG Poop

37:29 minutes long.

Sometimes you'd do anything to get a big poop out of you. After eating pretty much only meat for a couple of days, this poop has been stubbornly stuck inside for 4 days now. I'm willing to do anything to fix my constipation, maybe even go a little overboard!

First I take some magnesium citrate as a laxative, drinking the whole yucky bottle and washing it down with some prune juice - old people are always eating prunes to help them poop, right? Then, I do an enema, showing you the process including the insertion of the nozzle and all the different positions I move into while trying to find the best angle to fill up in. I masturbate too, enjoying the full feeling and trying to relax more which will help everything come out.

Once I run to the toilet, first brown water rushes out, then, very slowly, the hard long poop begins to slide out. It feels amazing! I proceed to masturbate again and enjoy the relief. I show several diarrhea toilet trips, big and small, with wipes and flushes.

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