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Dripping Wet From this Thick DESPERATE Poop

7 minutes long.

I started this video already running to the bathroom in my band t-shirt and shorts. No time to change into anything sexier than lounge clothes! I hop on the toilet and immediately release a long airy fart, feeling instant relief followed by increasing desperation. I have to shit so bad! There must be tons inside me for the pressure to be like this!

As I start to push, my pussy immediately starts dripping cream and getting super wet. I'm so so horny for this shit. It's thickness stretches me so pleasantly and I push it out slowly to savour the experience while rubbing my clit. Cream continues to drip and I push out 2 very long, thick satisfying turds - even squirting right at the camera to my surprise!

I struggle to push out even more shit - there is one more sticky, skinny log to go and I'm going to pant and moan my way through it. Finally, I wiped, showing each dirty piece of toilet paper that I rub gently on my tender asshole. Then I flush and go!

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