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Doctor Does HUGE 3 Litre Enema for Cassie's Constipation

67 minutes long CUT VERSION

101 minutes long FULL VERSION

There is the full story version including immersive medical and clinical aspects from the doctor's assistant's POV and a more 'action-only' version. Both are the same price, just depends what you prefer.

Cassie is in the hospital again with issues relating to massive constipation during her period. She's nervous and scared and embarrassed, especially when the doctor's assistant recommends a large 3 litre enema! The filling feels very strange and she gets so full her belly is distended and the poopie water starts creeping back up the hose! Then she has to hold it for SO long while in many different positions.

Next cassie can finally let go but she's scared - and she should be! The spray fills up the container in the toilet and splatter everywhere making it very dirty. There are multiple waves, some with hard chunks, some with soft mush and some all watery brown liquid! The toilet container is shown and emptied multiple times. Then she is wiped tenderly to clean her sore asshole and can rest.

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