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Desperate Accident in Panties While Stuck on Phone Call!

8:24 minutes long.

This office lady is having a fine time at work but starts to squirm and wiggle. She has to pee and maybe more. She looks at the time but decides to keep working. Just as she decides she HAS to get to a bathroom, her phone buzzes. It's her boss! Oh no!

The call takes longer and longer and she's desperate! She can't even bring her phone with her because it needs to be plugged in to charge. She's trapped and can't hold it any longer. She removes her shoes and skirt to keep them clean but starts to wet herself before she can do anything else. The piss goes everywhere and she's STILL on the phone!

Trying to hide behind her desk, she bends over and crouches and you can see her wet panties fill with shit. Her boss finally hangs up but once you start pooping it's tough to stop. She fills her panties, trying to smush it back in desperately with her hand, just spreading it more. Finally, she removes the soiled panties shamefully and tearfully calls front desk to get a caretaker to help her clean up. How humiliating!

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