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Demonstrating REAL Turd Licking During Eating Instructions

Over 20 minutes minutes long.

These are eating instructions for someone who is a beginner and needs some stern but encouraging help swallowing for the first time. It's my shit and my instructions that will make it happen for you. If you want to cum, you'll follow along. There are plenty of rewards for a good toilet slave here!

I masturbate and instruct you in everything from receiving a shipped package in the mail of my shit to your eventual first swallow and a cum countdown. You will sniff, lick, chew, suck and swallow these turds, and there is a ton of poop here since I saved up a BIG one for you!

As if you weren't spoiled enough by getting to watch me masturbate and push out a huge poop, I demonstrate how I want you to run your tongue along a firm turd, getting my tongue all brown and licking and licking repeatedly and describing the bitter, warm coffee taste. It's delicious!

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