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Cum On A Sensual Smell Journey: BIG Poop JOI

19 minutes long.

A new, sensual and loving video where I discover your secret kink and begin to participate in it openly with you. I know now that you love the smells of a woman's body and that you have been turned on by my body's scents even when others consider it taboo. The smell of my sweaty armpits, my cleavage, my hair. You even enjoy my farts and poop! And of creamy, wet pussy when aroused. I sniff my shaved, sweaty armpits with you, encouraging you to enjoy it and that I love and accept your fetish, then my tits, shown off and lightly scented as well. I finger my creamy pussy and smell my dirty panties with you and encourage you to masturbate with me. As things escalate, I fart and turn around to show you the most intimate act I can share: pooping out a long, smooth poo for you to sniff with me. I count you down to orgasm with me as I rub my clit and push my dirty, unwashed asshole towards your nose. Cum with me!

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