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Cheek-Spreading Shit: Lick Me Clean, Drink My Piss!

11:07 minutes long.

I have been holding this HUGE shit in for days and I'm desperate to get it out, but I'll need your help of course. I slip off my red swimsuit and get ready. Hope you're ready too.

A couple little farts serve as an appetizer before I spread my ass cheeks and a little shit squeezes out and dirties my asshole. The smell is mesmerizing. Then more mushy squirts come out, lubing me up to push out Huge, Long Turd after Turd right close up into your awaiting mouth. It feels amazing to release this and I moan in pleasure, winking my hole and spreading my cheeks more and more.

I prompt you to lick up my dirtied pussy and asshole and I wipe showing you everything you are licking off until I'm sparkling clean. But now you're all messy! Gotta clean you up so I'm gonna power wash your throat with my piss ;) You can never say I'm not a grateful and gracious feeder!

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