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Chat About First In-Person Session and Sensual EFRO Dump

11 minutes long.

Content Warning: I do very briefly mention violence involving a gun in a hold-up but don't go into details of course - just talking about how I'm feeling very lucky and happy about my life lately!

I talk over how excited I have been about the in-person toilet session I had and howI'd love to do another. I'm very excited about getting to have so much support for this part of my life from my partner and from everyone online! I seriously get like one mean message per year and that's unheard of for the internet in general, let alone for a girl that likes to shit on camera! <3

When I shit, I let out a little at a time, relishing the feeling of it sliding back in each time I stop pushing and letting the juices and cream drip from my pussy. Today's poop felt amazing in particular. I try to pee and pause but the urge is too strong after my teasing and I have to quickly position myself to release the big long turds inside me! Enjoy, and thank you again!

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