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CassieScat + Sophia Sprinkle Filthy Collab Videos

Guess what!! The long anticipated collaboration between CassieScat (yours truly!) and Sophia Sprinkle is now available for purchase here and on Femscat as well as on

There are 4 videos giving you everything you ever dreamed of! Cassie and Sophia eat each others poop and compare the flavours, there's dirty anal and Sophia eats Cassies ass, they smear Cassie's shit on their tits even shoot an enema mixture of Sophia's poop into Cassie's ass so she can shoot a hard stream of liquid poop all of the hotel bathroom!

There's even a tag team double toilet slavery session with a lucky slave who gets under the toilet chair for both girls! An enviable position for sure.

One clip is exclusive to and one is exclusive to and so make sure to check them all out.

Click the links below to see the available clips on each site:


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