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CassieScat's REAL Colonoscopy Prep, Doctor POV: PART 1

34 minutes long.

Catch the second half here:

In this video, I go through a very realistic colonoscopy prep. This first half is mostly story-based and is 30 minutes long. I am staying at a women's hospital and I'm very nervous about my health relating to my colon and my menstruation. It's so embarrassing and I'm so tired! The prep involves clearing out my bowels completely so I have to take some Ducolax laxative pills and drink 2 litres of MoviPrep then 2 litres of water! It's so hard and tastes terrible.

You are in the POV on my personal nurse. I remember that we went to high school together and while it makes me feel safer to have you helping me, it's EXTRA embarrassing that you are with me, watching, for this whole procedure.

This part includes undressing very embarrassed, giving a urine and stool sample and watching as you examine them, having you help remove my tampon as I am too weak and dizzy and measuring the watery pee I make in a container throughout the process. I'm also drinking lots of horrible medicine. Please hold my hand so I don't vomit from the taste! My stomach really feels bad and weird.

The second half includes the laxatives finally kicking in.

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