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Cassie Poops in Public in the Beautiful CountrySide

6:44 minutes long.

I'm sure some of you thought I was a city girl - and I AM - but my country girl roots are not so far removed! I'm out in rural Canada exploring around in my sundress looking for the perfect place to have a relaxing outdoor poop in the sun. I know this area well and don't want anyone to see me since that news would travel fast!

I find a pretty field full of wildflowers behind a shed where I drop off my toilet paper. I leave in part of the clip where I'm spotted by a neighbour looking for me! Where'd she go, I swear I just saw her? I had to lie and say I was looking for them (behind a shed???) That was close!

I come back not long after though to have the scenic outdoor poop of my dreams! This time though I'm not wearing any panties and you can see via upskirt that my sundress is whipping around in the wind and I'm being veryyy risky. I find some old animal turds in the grass and decide to poop and piss next to them. I pull up my dress and release long, golden turds and a hard stream of pee into the grass.

The end has me check out the turds up close (there were flies immediately!) and show a messy wipe. Then I head back home to my air bnb with my dirty asshole and no panties!

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