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BusinessLady Cassie Loves Shitting Designer Panties

10:41 minutes long.

Calvin Klein panties are just so stylish and fit so well - not to mention they look great under a tight skirt! Cassie knows all her employees at the office love to look at her ass and she loves the colourful and fashionable designs that Calvin Klein makes. She's been having trouble holding her poop though lately and today is no exception. She comes running home into the bathroom and know she won't make the toilet. She has just enough time to hop in the tub and roll up her skirt before hot piss is soaking her nice panties and running down her legs. They also begin to bulge with a big, urgent turd. No wonder she was desperate! The panties are already ruined but she doesn't mind - she's actually begun to enjoy the pantypooping and sits in the mess, squishing it and spreading all over her ass and turning the brightly coloured panties a dull brown! Even as her friend calls her, she has no problem explaining that she'll be late to the bar tonight because she's enjoying herself covered in poop and fingering her asshole through her stained panties! Her friend knew she was nuts but this is very kinky behaviour! A rich business lady doesn't have to worry about much - if she ruins her expensive designer panties, she can just buy another pair!

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