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Ass-Jiggling Standing Poop while Family is Nearby!

4:12 minutes long.

You can hear the TV playing as my in-laws and my partner are watching something just outside the bathroom! I had to poop and was squirming on the couch trying to hold it but I figured it was best to get it out and feel better even if filming is tricky when family is nearby. It pretty thrilling though!

I have to be quiet but I can jiggle my ass and swing my hips as much as I want! I get my ass right up to the camera so you can admire my pussy and asshole. Then I stand over the toilet and push and push as a slow, thick and dry turd peeks out and moves and stretches out of my body. It drops into the toilet and my creamy pussy and dirtied asshole go on full display as i wipe and show off the toilet paper, then flush it all away!

Now the only evidence for my family that I was up to no good is the stink - and this video of course!

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