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Angry Wife Poops in Bucket + Makes You Clean It!

10:10 minutes long.

You are a lazy, good for nothing man and your hard-working and exhausted wife is really sick of your antics. She woke up from her long shift at work just to see you had laid out a mop bucket of water for her to clean the floor with. She's barely slept and you are unemplyed and relaxing! If you want a mopped floor, clean it yourself!

To show you how mad I am, I pull over a toilet chair and a magazine and sit of the mop bucket and take a HUGE poop right into the water. The bucket makes nice loud plopping sounds and I wipe with a page of a nice, clean house ripped out of the magazine. The pooping is shown from 2 angles and I show the massive dump in the bucket at the end.

Have fun cleaning up my shit, you no-good son of a bitch!

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