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Wife Clogs Toilet with Huge Shit After Swallowing People

8:21 minutes long.

This video uses some clips also used in THIS VIDEO.

We're married and I'm the same cute, bubbly girl you married BUT I've been clogging the toilet like crazy and you finally gather the courage to ask me what's happening.

I admit I've been swallowing people whole and that sometimes their bones or clothes don't digest all the way and clog the toilet. I'm embarrassed but excited to describe everything to you.

We decide I should poop somewhere other than the toilet to save you from cleaning up my mess and in my excitement to try this out, I swallow you.

Later I poop you out into the toilet and the large crackling poop is shown from the back as I sit on the toilet and muse about eating a plumber since I forgot and clogged the toilet again!

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