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Wet and Messy Diaper + Pooping Plastic Panties for Daddy

21:42 minutes long.

I'm in a pretty yellow dress for daddy and I show off my diaper and plastic panties underneath. Daddy wants me to get all dirty so I take off the nice dress he gave me and get ready.

I start excitedly smearing myself with a chocolate and peanut butter mix while shoving it into my crinkly diaper. It gets so full and dirty but it feels really good with the sticky mess sliding over my plastic panties. It squishes and is overflowing out the sides as I slide around and hump in them.

I masturbate and cum in the mess then I remove the diaper. Daddy and I want more mess so I make some by pooping in the plastic panties. It's thick and sticky and I add some chocolate in there and masturbate again. You can see my little pink pussy through the plastic pants!

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