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Sissy Toilet Slave Instructions for Dirty Bath Punishment

11:19 minutes long.

I'm giving detailed instructions here for your punishment. You are my Toilet Slave Sissy and you've been bad. I need to feminize you faster and make you mine.

I've made you special ingredients to add to a hot bath. I show you how I made them too. Lots of piss, a HUGE shit, pussy cream, pubes and lots of love went into it and I show clips of all of it while I instruct you.

To feminize you faster I've also crushed hormone pills into the mixture and expect you to drink it down for a week after soaking in it. I give instructions for the bath, for rubbing your clitty and for afterwards.

I will punish and humiliate, make your manhood shrink and make you my feminine sissy toilet slut.

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