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Second Time with Laxatives: Toilet, Sink, Trash Can

15:51 minutes long.

I won't lie! I enjoyed my first time with laxatives. You had to be careful about taking them so I waited but now was a great time to try again.

I took 5 pills of Ducolax and drank lots of water and ate lots of food. I started on the toilet where I exploded out 2 huge logs and a wet mushy pile right after. I felt amazing and it was so fast!

After some more cramping and desperation, I go again in the sink where there are a few chunks and lot of liquidy squirts. I sit there a while loudly squirting everything out of me and show off the deep puddle.

Finally, later that evening, I pull out the kitchen trash can to squat over. I'm exhausted from how much the laxatives have put me through bloating and cramping and squirting everything of of me and the final load into the trash is the last of it! Thank god!

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