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Making Snacks from my Food-Filled Shit

7:15 minutes long.

Starts off discussing what food is likely in my shit this time – mini corns, red pepper flakes, rosemary – and then you watch it happen for yourself – A long log that starts hard and segmented and dark then transforms before your eyes to a smooth creamy texture! Excellent view of my toes and soles too if you like my pretty feet!

I proceed to take this lovely shit and get to work in the kitchen! I make a couple cookie sandwiches by playfully spread the shit between two chocolate chip cookies – I just know you’re going to love how they taste!! Then I get to mixing the ingredients for my moist, chocolatey, earthy brownies. The mix smells fantastic and I get excited in anticipation knowing that you’re going to be eating it all soon.

You can watch this for pleasure on it’s own or you are also welcome to order some of my treats and eat them along with this video and others – yum yum! eat up, cuties ;P

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