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I've got the Flu and Diarrhea for Real :'(

5:20 minutes long.

UGH I'm so bored I hate being sick I even miss work. I've been too tired to film except these couple bathroom trips and uploading has been difficult but at least it's something to do right? I'm exhausted and naked and on the toilet two different times - I don't remember exactly but I think once in the evening and the next is the next day? The first clip is darker but the second very well lit. I'm sitting and looking pained and tired while my ass makes squelching farting sounds and I have strange uncomfortable diarrhea. I show it both times in the toilet and even do my best to capture some coming out. I comes out in weird squishy bits that collect at the bottom of the toilet bowl and stink like crazy. I wipe and flush and go back to bed :( Pray for me being sick is so boring I'm too exhausted to even watch tv or enjoy a nice shit!!!

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