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Caught Wetting and Messing My Diaper, Masturbation and JOI

16:30 minutes long.

This clip has it all!

I'm helping you with some work at your place and you notice I'm antsy and see what looks like a diaper poking out above my jeans when I bend over and leaving crazy pantylines even through the denim.

When I suddenly excuse myself to the bedroom you sneak in with me and see my taking off my jeans, ready to fill the diaper I'm wearing. I notice you - and your boner - and decide to let you watch.

I fill it with a huge piss, making you come close to hear the sounds of the stream and the squishing and sloshing of the soaked material.

Then I push in several different positions, filling the diaper up with a big crackling poop and having you listen and smell and watch the sagging diaper struggle to hold everything I have.

Once full, I bring you to the bathroom and let you watch me take it off. You see the leaking at the edges and then the full load. I wipe and put them in the used diaper then I sit and masturbate, instructing you to jack off with me, all with the dirty diaper right there!

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