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Yoga Instructor Doesn't Know She Shit Herself

18 minutes long.

I just got some brand knew super tight, (almost transparent!) white yoga pants and I love them so much! I show them off to you and tease you because you make it so easy! Pulling them up to wedge into my ass and pussy and asking whether I should've worn panties or not - you make it fun to be a yoga instructor with how embarrassed you get! I start by guzzling a ton of espresso - there was a mix up at starbucks so I'm way more caffeinated than usual and I'm bouncing all over the place and tummy is rumbling. No matter that the bathroom is out of order, I can hold it until after our yoga session! We do some stretches and I bend and stretch and push out my ass. My ass crack has gotten sorta itchy and I notice that my yoga mat stinks today but no matter - gotta just subtly itch my ass crack and keep going with our workout. Nobody tells me but as we progress through the yoga stretching, a big wet brown stain spread across my ass more and more. I have no idea I've shit myself! Later in the changing rooms, I notice and I'm so embarrassed and angry! My new white yoga pants are ruined!

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