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Laxatives Diaries: First Time Shitting All Day

26:49 minutes long.

My first time ever using laxatives! I'm going ALL OUT too :) I think it's important to record everything too so I made this as a video diary for you and for me to remember the good times ;P

I start by taking 2 pills with breakfast and record updates on the grumbling in my belly and the cramping I'm experiencing every couple hours, even a couple examples of the loud hot farts I'm getting. But that's just the vlog style parts - now lets get to the ACTION.

The first shit came with very little warning so I sit on the edge of the tub and let LOOSE a HUGE pile of splattering loud sputtering shit! I record my reactions and the shitting every time so you can see how I felt while listening to the sounds and watching the splashing shit bursting out of me.

After a couple more updates and 2 more pills with lunch I go again in the tub, this time sitting down cross-legged while liquid shit squirts out of me and into the tub. I shouldn't have cleaned it the first time but I do again!

Next, I sit on the sink so that you can see my reactions from the front as well as my squirting ass in the mirror + on a close-up second camera. Between squirts I describe how strange it feels on my asshole and in my stomach.

Finally I shit standing in the shower. There is still SO MUCH shit inside me! It splatters on my legs and feet and covers my whole tub with shit shrapnel! My bowels are finally clean but my bathroom is NOT.

Can't wait to try more or different laxatives in the future! This was the BEST day off work ever!

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