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Forced to Become Toilet Slave to Crazy Lipstick Girl

Over 20 minutes long.

The cruel sadistic party girl is back picking victims out and torturing them into her perfect toilet slaves! This video's sound is not my usual quality but is still fine to listen to and price has been adjusted! >:D

I apply lipstick over and over and taunt you with my hot body while I explain that if you try to leave or don't do everything I say, my boyfriend will beat you up! I'm a real sadist who gets off from men's humiliation and pain and you're my current victim.

I make you piss and mess your pants in front of me as well as eating it like a good toilet slave - all with specific detailed instructions and threats to make sure you know your place! Poor confused human toilet, I'm still being sexy and flirting but you're so embarrassed by my commands! What will you do?

My plans and instruction differ every time with every new victim based on whatever cruel whim comes my way - but the rules are the same: do what I say or your balls gets smashed and your teeth get kicked out.

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