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Coworker Makes you Drink her Piss POV

Over 4 minutes long.

Someone has been stealing my things from the fridge at work! Drinking my smoothies and other beverages - it's disrespectful! So this time I made sure to catch you, you nasty thief!

In this POV video, you've been caught redhanded but instead of taking this to the boss or HR to get you fired, I decide to humiliate and punish you my own way! You must think you're very thirsty haven't to steal drinks from me right?

Since it's morning and I rushed to work early to catch you stealing, I still haven't taken a piss yet and my bladder is full or morning pee, yellow and strong and smelly.

I empty my bladder in front of you, pushing a hard stream of pee into a mason jar and make you watch. I hand you the warm cup and tell you you'll have to drink it if you want to keep your job and that you'll have to do it secretly during the day while everyone in the office will see. Maybe they'll smell the piss stink and know what you're doing before you gulp it down so you better chug it quick! Guzzle my piss or else!

I find it entertaining to watch you be my little piss slave so you can keep your job for now ;P

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