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POV Diarrhea Falling on Toilet Slave

8 minutes long.

You are my toilet slave and this video is shot from your perspective, POV, lying underneath the ass of your tall mistress and her full bowels. There is also another angle from closer to my ass so you can see in more detail everything I give you. Best of both worlds!

I have diarrhea in this video and I have no mercy for my slave beneath me. I grab my ass and lower myself for you to lick and suck and taste me as I pulse my asshole in your face. My pussy gets wet and drips sweet grool into your mouth. Watching the cream run down my thighs and onto you is only the beginning though!

I get my asshole dirty first by pushing out a little and make you clean it to prove you're ready before finally standing up and releasing tons of wet sloppy diarrhea onto your face and body and into your mouth. I command you to swallow every drop of my melted chocolate.

I bend down to get close to you again to squirt out the final dregs of brown from my ass directly into your mouth. Enjoy slave!

$11.99 USD Download HERE

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